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Elegant and efficient free FTP client

If you need to regularly upload and download files from a server then Cyberduck is an excellent free FTP client with a simple GUI that makes it very easy to perform all manner of FTP tasks. Cyberduck is suitable for almost all FTP transfers including FTP, SFP, Webdav and Amazon S3 transfers. For those looking for a reliable and free FTP client, Cyberduck ticks all the right boxes.

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  • Y ki

    by Y ki

    The program keeps crashing. On both my old 2009 and my new 2015 Macbook. All updates done. The only think that keeps me using it is the UI.

  • by Anonymous

    Still good but have strong competition. I've been using it for a long time but recently moved to Viper FTP which seems to be more user friendly

  • by Anonymous

    It was so good once. Loved it till the Yosemite update. Then, instead of connecting to FTP it started to run into random connecting loops and errors. FTP is not a toy to test its stability with buggy soft. Pros: Free, stable, easy to use. Cons: All good thing come to an end - doesn't work normally with 10.9+ Creates loops when trying to manage/move/rename files

  • by Anonymous

    Stable but old design. I prefer trying something newer.... Similar functionality to YummyFTP and ViperFTP but it's free. Viper Lite is also free but more functional and better desing. If it could managed many accounts (Lite can only one) would be the winner. Pros: stable. Cons: not very handy

  • by Anonymous

    To Cyberduck- Trovi will jeopardize your good reputation.. Cyberduck people -- Don't let Trovi in your stuff. It's not worth the negative customer reviews. Cyberduck is good but Trovi does bad things to our computers.

  • by Anonymous

    don't do it!. this seems to be spammy at best. insists (won't download otherwise) on downloading a mac cleaning software which automatically launches, and takes you to a website deemed untrustworthy by one of my plugs ins. Never did install cyberduck, either. yuck!

  • by Anonymous

    An extension of Finder. It's really easy to use. It's just like another Finder window. Pros: Fast, stable and supports FTP and SFTP. Edit remote files with your preferred editor.